Conference Room


– The main room is suitable for training courses, workshops and conferences for up to 30 people (at the tables)
– In addition, next to it is the training room (capacity: 15 people)
– It is possible to adjoin the two rooms
– There are dining facilities available
– All rooms are air-conditioned
– Parking

Room Facilities:
– Overhead projector
– Multimedia board
– The possibility to conduct a teleconference
– Sound system
– Wi-Fi
– Flip-chart

Fridays – from 16:00
Saturdays, Sundays – all day



Przestronna sala przystosowana do ćwiczeń grupowych jak i indywidulanych.
Wyposażenie sali:
– Bieżnie
– Orbitreki
– Rowerki
– Atlas,
– Handelki i ławeczka
Wszystko to renomowanej firmy KETTLER. Dodatkowo oferujemy Państwu grupową gimnastykę ogólnorozwojową a także zajęcia Pilates prowadzone przez Naszą instruktorkę, absolwentkę prestiżowej BB Pilates School.
Korzystanie z Sali 15 zł/60 min.
– Godziny otwarcia: dni robocze 11.30 – 19.00
– Weekend do uzgodnienia w recepcji
Gimnastyka ogólnorozwojowa 8 zł/os
-Wtorek 14.30
-Czwartek 17.30
Dodatkowe terminy przy grupie 5 os. do uzgodnienia
Pillates indywidualny – 150 zł/60 min.
Terminy zajęć dostosujemy do potrzeb klienta
Możliwość stworzenia grupy

Relaxation Massages

masażHands, to which you are entrusted during relaxation massages, belong to the best physiatrists in the region. They have completed numerous training courses and they enhance their skills constantly, so that every massage fulfills even the most demanding expectations.
PRICE: 40 PLN/ 30 min.
Opening hours:
-Mon-Wed 11:30 – 17:30
-Tue-Thu, Fri 13:00 – 19:00
-Weekends – can be arranged



The physical treatment is commonly used both for hygienic as well as therapeutic purposes. It is also a form of spa and wellness. The sauna is a bath in the hot air of low humidity. During treatment, there are short-term increases in humidity. During the procedure a short cooling of a body is used- with cold water or air. The working of the sauna is mainly based on ….. of the thermoregulatory mechanisms of the body. It leads to changes in the entire body:

– Speeding ​​up the metabolism,
– Cleansing the body of toxins,
– Increased sweating,
– Acceleration of breathing,
– Increase in the vital capacity of the lungs,
– Increase in respiratory minute volume,
– Reduction in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the blood,
– Increase in the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood,
– Increase in the activity of the pituitary gland,
– Increase in the activity of the adrenal glands,
– Increased immunity of the organism.

PRICE: 20 PLN/person for 60 min-120 min
Opening hours:
– Mon-Fri 11:30 – 19:00

Jests of water


The modelling of the body by using strong jets of water of variable (once warm, one cold) temperatures. In general, for 1-2 minutes water is used at a temperature of 40°C and then for 20-30 seconds at a temperature of 20°C or lower. Such a treatment is repeated twice. It combines the effect of pressure on the body (massage effect) and of temperature, which increases physiological responses of the body part being treated. It is performed with a centred or a fan-shaped jet of water over the whole body or a part thereof.
Jets of water massage sore muscles, oxygenate tissues and stimulate circulation. They have a regenerating effect on the skin, soothing effect on the nervous system, they also stimulate metabolism, and have anti-cellulite effect.

PRICE: 15 PLN/10 min.
Opening hours:
Mon-Wed 11:30 – 17:30
Tue, Thu, Fri: 13:00 – 19:00
Weekends – can be arranged